Teacher Tune Up

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Calling all yoga teachers: Need a reset?

Hear me out. You’ve probably had visions of practicing all the time, deepening your own personal practice, and teaching inspired sequences that change your students’ lives forever. But the reality is that the yoga teacher hustle is real! You’re lucky to squeeze in a practice several times a week, before shuffling from one studio to the next inhaling a protein bar, all the while thinking about what postures and sequences you’ll teach this week. All while keeping the inspiration real for your students (and yourself) too.

While I can’t add more hours in the day, I can help teachers rediscover, reconnect, and reset with this S*it Just Got Real, Teacher Tune Up. This short and sweet program will pack a punch to help you focus on why you took the leap into becoming a yoga teacher, and how you want to continue showing up as a teacher. You’ll do asana practice every morning, and leave the academic-y stuff to the afternoons.

Day 1: Sequencing.

Learn how to take your sequencing to the next level in a way that inspires, helps your students deepen their practice and connects one class to another. We will go through techniques and “must have’s” in each and every class you build. Learn how to connect your studio classes to larger offerings such as workshops and retreats so everything you teach builds each other.

Day 2: All about cues.

Cueing is not easy stuff, and sometimes getting the words from your brain out of your mouth just right can be a struggle. Learn to employ language that is easy to understand for students of all levels, identify cues that can be tightened up, ditch your filler words, and find comfort in silence…you know the real good stuff.

Day 3: Adjustments and assists.

Whether you’re a master at adjusting and assisting or not, you’ll refine your hands-on approaches in a way that makes your students feel supported, safe, and encouraged to go deeper into their practice.

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