Podcast: August 8, 2018

Yogi Misfit Sessions: S48 Andy Richter

 If you tuned in to S47, Stewart connected me to this week’s guest, Andy Richter. Andy is a phenomenal photographer whose work centers around capturing expressions of yoga. Also, he got to meet and photograph BKS Iyengar…NBD. We also talk about his book that just came out: Serpent in the Wilderness. Special thanks to [MORE]

Podcast: August 3, 2018

Yogi Misfit Sessions: SS3 Yoga Off the Mat

Welcome to the Summer Series of the Yogi Misfit Sessions. Susannah Freedman and I are at it again. We answer your questions about yoga off the mat, including things like: What books to read/start with to complement a yoga practice The social impact of yoga The difference between asana and yoga practice What should yogis/yoginis eat? What [MORE]

Podcast: July 25, 2018

Yogi Misfit Sessions: S47 Stewart Alsop

Meet my buddy Stewart. Not only does he teach yoga in Mexico, but he’s a multi-lingual master. His journey to yoga was not without struggle, and listen in to how he found yoga and how he feels it helps with mental health. Special thanks to our friends at SF Yoga Magazine as always, and I [MORE]

Podcast: July 11, 2018

Yogi Misfit Sessions: S46 Bryan Tublin

If you’re local to SF, you may have heard of Kitava Kitchen. Kitava is an establishment rooted in community, education, and healthy eating co-founded by this week’s guest, Bryan Tublin. We chat about his journey to discovering his purpose to help people lead healthy lives, how food plays an important role in the mind-body connection [MORE]

Podcast: July 6, 2018

Yogi Misfit Sessions: SS1 Keeping It Real

Welcome to the Summer Series of the Yogi Misfit Sessions. Susannah Freedman and I sit down together to chat about keeping it real in the yoga world. Specifically, we discuss: Knowledge: being okay with not knowing everything, as both a student and a teacher Yoga + social media. Is it right? Is it wrong?  Moving [MORE]

Podcast: June 13, 2018

Yogi Misfit Sessions: S44 Jen Corley

Jen reached out to me a while back to help me with some retreats she came across, and my life has been forever changed. Okay, podcast is over, thanks for listening! But kidding aside, we talk about why retreats are so valuable as both a student attending, and a teacher hosting. We debunk the myths [MORE]

Podcast: May 30, 2018

Yogi Misfit Sessions: S43 Salima Taplin

Get to know my guest this week, Salima Taplin. Salima is a student of mine who runs the lifestyle website Salted Cashew.  Salima started Salted Cashew in hopes of finding healing for her mother, who is living with Alzheimer’s. Through food and diet, Salima believes in their power to improve lives. In this session, we chat [MORE]

Podcast: May 16, 2018

Yogi Misfit Sessions: S42 Katina Mountanos

If you didn’t catch Session 41, stop! I highly recommend listening to Session 41 first because Session 42 is a follow up. This week’s session Katina Mountanos is back for more. We take a deep-dive into her experience during her one-month immersion teacher training, her takeaways, and advice to future teacher trainees to-be and contrast [MORE]

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