San Francisco Schedule

Monday4:30pm- 5:45pmLove Story YogaHeated VinyasaMore Info
Monday6:15pm-7:45pmYoga Tree HayesAll LevelsMore Info
Tuesday4:30pm-5:45pmYoga Tree ValenciaAll LevelsMore Info
Tuesday8:15pm-9:30pmYoga Tree CastroHeated VinyasaMore Info
Wednesday6:15pm-7:45pmYoga Tree HayesAll LevelsMore Info
Thursday4:30pm-5:45pmYoga Tree ValenciaAll LevelsMore Info
Thursday8:15pm-9:30pmYoga Tree CastroHeated VinyasaMore Info
Friday9:30am- 10:45amLove Story YogaHeated VinyasaMore Info
Sunday9:00am-10:30amYoga Tree HayesAll LevelsMore Info


Workshops, Trainings & Special Events

June 14th- 17thMammoth Lakes, CA.Mammoth Yoga FestivalWeekend WorkshopsMore Info
June 20thSan Francisco, CA.Yoga Tree HayesLive Music ClassMore Info
April 19th San Francisco, CA.Deep House FlowLive DJ ClassMore Info
June 24th San Diego, CA.San Diego Festival Of YogaWeekend WorkshopMore Info
June 26thSan Francisco, CA. Yoga Tree CastroLive Music ClassMore Info
July 26-29thAsheville, NC.Asheville Yoga FestivalWeekend WorkshopsMore Info
Aug 3rd - Aug 5thSan Luis Obispo, CA.Sagrada WellnessTeacher Tune Up RetreatMore Info
Aug 10th- 12thCazadero, CA.Ratna LingRetreatMore Info
Aug 17th- 19thProud Lake, MI.Barefoot & Free Yoga FestivalWeekend WorkshopsMore Info
Sept 2018San Francisco, CA.Yoga Tree200hr Teacher TrainingMore Info
Sept 29th- Oct 13thCosta RicaBlue Osa200hr Teacher TrainingMore Info
Oct 19th 2017- Jan 28th 2019San Francisco, CA.Wheel House200hr Teacher TrainingMore Infoo
Oct 27th San Diego, CA.Pilgrimage Of The HeartWeekend WorkshopsComing Soon
Nov 2nd- 4thBaltimore, MD.Movement LabTeacher Tune Up WeekendComing Soon
Dec 1st San Francisco, CA.Love StoryWeekend WorkshopMore Info
Dec 28th 2018 - Jan 2nd 2019MexicoPachamamaRetreatMore Info
Feb 21st- 24th 2019San Francisco, CA.Yoga SpaceMastermind WeekendComing Soon!
Mar 9th- 16th 2019BaliSoul ShineRetreatMore Info
Mar 1st- June 9th 2019San Francisco, CA.Satori Yoga200hr Teacher TrainingMore Info