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Yoga is a metaphor for life. That said, I think yoga should be fun. I’m not saying it won’t be challenging or encourage you to test and expand your limits, but yoga is about your own personal journey, and I don’t know about you, but I want my journey to be a freaking fun one. I am a 500-hr Registered Yoga Instructor, and a member of the teacher training faculty at Yoga Tree. I’m also a real person, and I recognize that I’m teaching real people.

We all have our own stories. Mine has some twists and turns through a tough childhood and young adult years blurred by frustration, drugs, alcohol, and a near-death brush with cancer, and I credit yoga with helping me to become healthy and opening my eyes to a world of positive opportunities. I’m truly grateful to now be able to share what I’ve learned with others, whether it’s on the mat in my home base of San Francisco, in another location for an immersion or workshop, or through my online yoga platform.

Each class with me has a beat, a vibration, and a pulse. I hand-select each of the songs for my classes, as music can help us deepen our yoga experience. Find your rhythm and connect to your truth.

My students resonate with my functional, down-to-earth approach and my ability to combine the mentally restorative aspects of yoga with the functional physical work that it entails. I am grateful to work alongside my teachers and mentors Jason Crandell & Darren Main, who have helped influence my teaching style.

I know firsthand how strengthening the mind and body together can enhance one’s efforts in other physical endeavors, because I also love rock climbing, snowboarding, cycling, surfing, skateboarding, running, and swimming. Yoga creates balance and space in my life to pursue my other passions for music, volunteering with at-risk and underserved youth, and cultivating relationships to build community.

I look forward to sharing my passion for yoga with you and helping you find its place in your story.




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June 13, 2018

Jen reached out to me a while back to help me with some retreats she came across, and my life has been forever changed. Okay, podcast is over, thanks for listening! But kidding aside, we talk about why retreats are so valuable as both a student attending, and a teacher hosting. We debunk the myths […]

Yogi Misfit Sessions: S43 Salima Taplin
May 30, 2018

Get to know my guest this week, Salima Taplin. Salima is a student of mine who runs the lifestyle website Salted Cashew.  Salima started Salted Cashew in hopes of finding healing for her mother, who is living with Alzheimer’s. Through food and diet, Salima believes in their power to improve lives. In this session, we chat […]

If you didn’t catch Session 41, stop! I highly recommend listening to Session 41 first because Session 42 is a follow up. This week’s session Katina Mountanos is back for more. We take a deep-dive into her experience during her one-month immersion teacher training, her takeaways, and advice to future teacher trainees to-be and contrast […]

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I have been taking yoga for over twenty years and can easily say that Danni is a one-of-a-kind instructor. He is beyond passionate and caring not only for his practice but also for each individual that is present. I truly look forward to each new journey when I attend his classes!
Tara Baker
Danni's teaching is well grounded and intelligent. I admire his ease to connect with his students and his down to earth approach to demystify the practice of yoga. Danni is unpretentious and genuine and he leads his students with integrity and joy. His teaching in the classroom mirrors his intentions and commitment off the mat. An inspiring shining person who reminds me that we are all on this journey together!
Gizella Donald
My Sunday mornings have dramatically improved since I discovered Danni’s yoga class. His personality shines through in his classes and teaching style: fun, unique and attentive. No one class is the same. His flow is innovative, naturally progressing towards an ultimate pose and ending in complete relaxation. For awhile, I have felt my yoga practice hitting a plateau. No more! Danni has re-inspired the yoga geek in me - he has helped me break down poses by emphasizing anatomy and alignment and led me to many moments where the pose and my body simply click. There’s really no other way I would rather spend my Sunday mornings.
Tammy Ku
Danni is a real teacher. Knowing and understanding his students is his priority. He is not afraid to share the scratches and bumps that got him to where he is today and that is refreshing. It doesn't hurt that he always has a bumpin' playlist and sweet dance moves.
Sheri Colosimo
Danni is hands down my favorite teacher in San Francisco. His energy is contagious and his classes combine the perfect amount of fun, anatomical focus and challenge. As a former teacher, I think the balance between learning and passion are key to a well-rounded practice and Danni continues to keep me coming back!
Kate Connelly

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